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About the project

Biz2Bizi conference – this event is organized by The first part of the event is a lecture by a guest lecturer who is entrepreneur and after that there is a discussion panel in which young entrepreneurs can present their ideas and projects in front of the lecturer and the other guests of the event. In the final stage of the event the guests have the opportunity to work on a business case that is presented by the lecturer. We needed to create a professional business website for the event where the users can subscribe and get more information about Biz2Bizzi. 


In order to complete this task we designed and developed a high quality business website that gives detailed information about every aspect of the event. In order to do that we divided the information in different sections that include details about the guest lecturer, the event itself, the schedule of the event, the organizers and the partners of the event and also galleries with a lot of photo and video content from the previous Biz2Bizzi events. 

After the project was finished, the Biz2Bizzi conference had a well-functioning and attractive business website where the people can subscribe for the Investment and entrepreneurial conference Biz2Bizzi.
The technologies we used are: HTML, CSS, Java Script and Joomla.