Website design and developing an online jewelry auction for Silvero-Goldini

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About the project

Silvero-Goldini is a jewelry store.

Representatives of Silvero-Goldini hired our services for the design and development of an online jewelry auction that will offer the company’s products and accessories in six different countries at the same time. We at really liked the concept and we accepted to work on the project. 


In 2009 we created the biggest online auction in Bulgaria with real-time bidding in over 5000 different auctions per day with dynamic connection to the online jewelry store, corporate blog and the option joining a partnership affiliate system. We developed a multi-domain system with a different domain for each of the six different countries. That resulted in an excellent SEO optimization.

Our strategies for the project resulted in jewelry sales for over 15 000 Euro. The technologies we used in the process of work are: Symphony, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, XML, C#.