Website design and online store creation for The Kingdom of Drinks

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About the project

The Kingdom of Drinks is online liquer store.

The representatives of “The kingdom of drinks” contacted to discuss the creation of an online store for selling liqueur. By doing this they wanted to expand their business and increase their sales.


We liked the concept and we accepted the offer to work on the project. In order to finish the task in a way that gives the maximum to both the users and our client, we added the option for ordering soda and other non-alcoholic beverages and several kinds of nuts and snacks along with the liqueur. For the people that appreciate high quality liqueur we added detailed information about every different product available and we added a section with similar suggestions.

After the project was finished, “The kingdom of drinks” had an online store with functionality that exceed the client’s expectations and gave more comfort to the users of the online liqueur store. The technology we used in the process: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Ajax and XML.