Website design and creating an online store for the brand for Toys "Bart"

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About the project

Toys “BART” are the Bulgarian representatives for the toy company “Hape”. Most of the toys that the company offers have educational purpose but there are also traditional toys for the children.

The Bulgarian representative of one of the leaders in toy manufacturing needed an agency that can create and design an online store for the Bulgarian market and the company hired for this task. The company needed new online store that refers to the standard that was set by the online store of Toys “Hape” which was also created by


In the execution of the project we applied some of the methods and techniques that were used in the making of the online store for Toys “Hape”. We created an online store where the users can choose the toys for their children really easy, just by looking the various number of sections with toys, divided by criteria based on the kind of the toys and the age of the child. 
Besides the design and development of the online store, we at launched pay-per-click campaing and created and executed completed social media marketing strategy. 

After the team of finished the project, Toys “BARD” had an attractive and well-functioning online store that made the process of shopping real easy for the customers. The technologies we used during our work period were: Symphony, PHP, Ajax, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script.