Website design and business site development for Sportfish International

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About the project

“Sportfish International” is a company based in Australia and specializes in yacht dealership. They are team of marketing experts that use unconventional marketing methods to position their products better. The global leader in yacht dealership and sports fishing “Sportfish International” hired for the web design and the web development of their new business website. The company wanted to hire experienced professionals to design and develop their new business website, so they turned to



In the process of designing and developing the business website we decided a concept for getting the attention of the user by using high quality visual content. In order to do that we implemented a dynamic background with high quality photography that shows to the users some of the best yacht that the dealership offers. We complied with the customer’s request and we put the main focus on the yacht dealing, but we also included the sports fishing as part of the company’s services.

The concept of using high quality content gave results and the people that visited the business website were more informed and were more likely to use the services that “Sportfish International” provides. In the process of designing and developing the business website we used the following technologies: VamShop, CakePHP framework, AJAX, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript