Website design and creating an online store for Toys “Hape”

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About the project

The whole process from the designing the toys “Hape”, trough manufacture, packing, distribution and delivery is based on the principal to be ecofriendly on a global scale.One of the global leaders in toy manufacturing needed an agency that can create and design an online store for toys “Hape” for the Bulgarian market. The company needed an online store, which offers to the customers the whole range of products and at the same time informs them about the mission of the company and the values it represents. The search for the right company to complete this task finished when the representatives of Toys “Hape” met with the specialists from



In order to meet the requirements and to execute the project in the best way we designed and created an attractive online store that combines the shopping for toys “Hape” with interesting and useful information about the company. In order to make the shopping process easier for the customers we designed an interactive slider with the toys that customers buy the most. We also divided the toy selection in two different criterions – one based on the toy type and other based on the age of the child. That allows parents to find the right toys for their kids in the fastest and easiest way. Parents usually don’t have a lot of free time for shopping for toys, so we at tried to make things easy and comfortable for them. In the online store for toys “Hape” we positioned sections that contain a lot of interesting and valuable information about the company, the products and the innovations in the manufacturing process and also information about all the stores, where parents can find the toys “Hape”. Besides the design and development of the online store, we at launched pay-per-click campaing and created and executed completed social media marketing strategy. 

After the team of finished the project, Toys “Hape” had an attractive and well-functioning online store that exceeded the requirements that were set in the beginning. The technologies we used during our work period were: Symphony, PHP, Ajax, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script.