Website development and SEO for restaurants "Ola Taste of MED"

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About the project

Restaurant “Ola taste of MED” offers healthy and delicious alternative to the traditional fast food diners. 



To achieve this task we, the team of designed and developed a website in which we implemented the most important aspects for restaurant “Ola taste of MED” in attractive slider with high quality visual content. We also chose the colors for the website to match the colors of the brand and the interior of the restaurant. We created large photo gallery that contains all the different types of delicious cuisine that the guests can try when they visit the restaurant. We also created attractive video that promotes the delivery service that restaurant “Ola taste of MED” offers. Through on-page and off-page SEO we have ensured displaying the site on first positions in search.The result of our work was the creation of a specialty of website design and website development. For this online culinary masterpiece we used the following ingredients: Symphony, PHP, Ajax, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and pinch of Java Script.