Website design and website development for Iv Invest Consult

Get a website that grows your business

About the project

Iv Invest Consult is a company that offers services in finance and business consulting for both companies and people. The company provides every customer with a personal finance consultant. Invest Consult hired for the design and development of their website.


The key to successfully closing this project was to give to the users online the same personalized and individual approach that the financial consultants from Iv Invest Consult give their clients face to face. In order to do this we designed the website like a corporate business website and we structured the information about the services of Iv Invest Consult like a conversation with a financial consultant from the company.

Our strategies resulted in growth of the number of people that contacted Iv Invest Consult and used the consulting services the company offers. Technology used in the process of work: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Joomla.