Paid advertising in social media, pay-per-click campaign for Platinum Casino Hotel and International Hotel & Casino

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About the project

International Hotel & Casino has successfully applied the concept of bringing hotel and casino together for more than 8 years. The company adapts well to the changes in the market and manages to develop and grow.

Two of the biggest hotels in the Bulgarian resorts Golden sands and Sunny beach – International Hotel & Casino and Platinum Casino Hotel contacted and hired us to create an online marketing strategy based on the research we made for them among targeted audience of foreign tourists. 


Using the collected data, we at planned and launched an online marketing campaign that targets potential clients for both hotels by giving them a choice between the two Bulgarian resorts. We targeted the campaign mainly in social media and we also launched parallel pay-per-click campaign. 

Our strategies resulted in growth in the number of reservations made by the people from the same country as the targeted audience and into increase of the social media fans of both hotels from people from the same country as the ones in the target audience.