Creating and designing a landing page, pay-per-click campaign, paid advertising in social media marketing.

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About the project

Gym Palace Wellness Studio is the first of its kind and the biggest sport wellness center in the city of Varna. The representatives of Gym Palace Wellness Studio hired with the task to design and create a landing page and create campaign in social media and pay-per-click campaign to direct traffic to the landing page.


In order to execute the project in the best way, we decided to design the page in a way that prompts people to visit the sports center. After we finished the landing page we created parallel campaigns – one pay-per-click campaign and the other with paid advertising in social media in order to target traffic to the landing page of Gym Palace Wellness Studio we created.

Our strategies resulted in large number of new fans form targeted audiences of Gym Palace Wellness Studio in social media and in growth of the people that signed up for paid gym membership in the sports center.