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E-commerce expands its importance in the world every day! The constant trend of increasing the volume of goods sold over the Internet requires many modern merchants to look towards this distribution channel. To expand Your business in the online world, we are going to guide You throughout the whole process.

  • Creating the appropriate online store for Your business is essential to its success. Together, we will create the architecture of Your project and choose the most suitable platform for it. The most suitable platforms for small to medium sized online stores are OpenCart, Shopify, PrestaShop and Magento. If Your project is a large scale online store or needs very specific functions, we can create a fully customized online store through the Symfony framework.
  • The optimization (SEO) of online stores takes into account both the key performance indicators for search engines and the individual features of the site, to improve its usability. We prepare individual measures for the optimization of each separate project. We strive to optimize the processes in the store to achieve more sales for our customer.
  • Online commerce is a rapidly growing sector. This leads to saturation of the media environment with audience creatives. Two of the easiest ways to reach your customers are Pay Per Click advertising and Social Media Marketing. Search engine advertising allows the products to be shown to highly interested users. Social networks are the right place to build a brand image among young audiences up to 35 years of age. As consumers are more likely to trust a familiar brand, communication on social networks is an extremely powerful tool for communication and sales.

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