Website design and development of real estate website for Bulgaria property finder

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About the project

Bulgarian property finder offers to the people in the UK the opportunity to buy a real estate of their choice in Bulgaria. The company offers the whole range of services that are needed for finding and buying a property in Bulgaria.Bulgarian property finder hired to design and develop real estate website for their target market in the United Kingdom. Bulgarian property finder gave us the task to design and develop a real estate website that will help them in the targeting of potential customers from UK for the Bulgarian real estate market.  We at accepted the challenge to create a real estate website that shows in attractive way the opportunity of buying a property in Bulgaria and gives comfort to the users when they browse for the right real estate offer.


Before we started the process of development the website we created a structure of the elements in the website in a way that will give to the users comfort and simplicity at the same time when they use the website. We achieved that by creating and implementing a search engine for real estate offers that allows the user to select detailed description of the property before he starts the search. For the users that are interested only in the best deals we created an interactive slider with the top real estate offers. In the real estate website we added links to useful information about the life in Bulgaria, the tax rates in the country, the tourism, the laws, the local customs and many others.

Our work on the project resulted in the creation of well-functioning and attractive real estate website for Bulgarian property finder for their target market in the UK. The technologies we used in our work are: CakePHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, Flash.