Website design and development of real estate website for RealBgestate

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About the project

RealBgEstate is a company that provides consulting services for people that want to purchase a real estate in Bulgaria. 

RealBgEstate hired us to design and develop a real estate website for the foreign citizens that want to purchase a real estate property in Bulgaria. The goal was to create a real estate website where the users can easily find the right real estate offer.


In order to execute the project in the best possible way we focused on creating the real estate website with detailed information about the real estate offers. We also added sections with useful information for the users about purchasing home in Bulgaria. 

After the project was finished RealBgEstate had a well-designed and well-functioning real estate website where their clients can easily find the best offer for them .The technologies we used are: CakePHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON.