Website design and online auction development for GSM Bidder.

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About the project

GSM Bidder is an online auction for mobile phones and devices. 

The team of GSM Bidder contacted us with the offer to design and develop and online auction for mobile phones without any fixed prices where users can bid on the offers they like and buy mobile phones much cheaper than usual. We liked the idea very much, so we agreed to work on the project. 


We at decided to implement the best practices that the different online auctions have and to add a few individual techniques that we developed over the years in the creation of the online auction. We created an individual profile for every user from where he can monitor the different auctions and get information about the upcoming ones. We added sections with information about frequently asked questions and detailed instructions how to bid in an online auction for a mobile phone that the user wants to purchase. We also added information showing exactly how much money the user saved by purchasing the phone from the auction. 

After we finished the project GSM Bidder had a well-functioning and easy to use online auction that help users buy mobile phones with cheaper prices. Technologies we used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, XML.