Website design and website development for PC Support Varna

Get a website that grows your business

About the project

PC Support Varna provides computer repair services for companies. The team of PC Support Varna is a mixture of high qualified engineers and experts that can fix any software or hardware computer problem. 

The company hired for the design and development of their new website.


In order to execute the project in the best possible way, we at created a website where the user can find detailed information about the services that PC Support Varna offers. To make the website’s inter face more users friendly we created an extra menu panel with hyperlinks to every section of the website. By doing this we saved time for all the users that were looking for a specific service.

After we finished the project, PC Support Varna had a well-designed and well-functioning website where users can find detailed information about the services of the company. The technologies we used are: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Joomla.