PPC ads via Google AdWords

Get a website that grows your business

Text ads via Google AdWords gives a great opportunity for promoting products and services, for which the users are actively searching. We create short advertising texts, which are visualised when a serach for specific keywords is made in Google. 


  • Google AdWords provides an opportunity to advertise via web banners, which are positioned in websites according to their topic, interests of the target audience, etc. The web banners can be static images, dynamic (with animation by HTML5 encoding) or created with the platform by an AdWords template.
  • The platform has the options for creating Remarkting type ads. Ads are shown only to users who have already visited the client's website. This stimulates a repeat visit and increases the possibility of accomplishing the website owner's goal (phone call, newsletter subscription, reading page X, a purchase, etc.)
  • The maximum budget for the campaign is decided by the client and he is charged only for clicks on the ads. Depending on the field and the keyword, clicks on the bulgarian market usually vary between 0,20lv. and 1,00lv.

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